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The Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance states that to expedite the imported postal parcels duty payment, from Jan. 3, 2020 onward The Customs Administration cooperates with Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. to provide the "QR-Code Scanning Mobile Payment" service, enabling people to use mobile phone or tablet to pay the duty in less than one minute.

The Customs Administration states that when people receive the Duty Memo for Imported Postal Parcels, they can utilize "Taiwan Mobile Payment (Taiwan Pay) App" or "You-Bao-Biao App"  to scan the QR-Code on the Duty Memo, dispensing the effort of inputing such data as payment sum and account writing-off No., and then select financial card as payment method, input the card's password and Captcha, and confirm the payment info. to complete the process.  People can also opt for the mobile bank Apps developed respectively by 17 banks including Bank of Taiwan, Land Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, First Commercial Bank, Hua Nan Bank, Chang Hwa Bank and etc.. These Apps support "Taiwan Pay" and may also fulfill the payment. 

The Customs Administration reminds that when using moblie payment, please check that the Duty Memo and the payment info. displayed on the device coincide before paying.  Please download and install the App first if not already downloaded, and designate the financial card for payment.

For more information concerning the details and operating methods, please refer to the following web address:






Issued:Department of Customs Clearance Affairs Release date:2020-02-19 Click times:592