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Notes on the Storage of Agricultural, Fishery and Livestock Products in Bonded Warehouses under Tariff Quotas

1. Items shall only be stored in the bonded warehouses approved by Customs to implement   autonomous management. Delivery of the bonded goods out of the bonded  warehouses   for importation   shall not apply to use monthly consolidated declaration.

2. The description of goods on cargo manifest shall be declared explicitly. For example, garlic shall not be declared as vegetable or food.

3. Items that need to be stored in freezer or fridge storage, they must be stored in the bonded warehouses equipped with.

4. For storage of goods in the bonded warehouses shall provide explicitly the information including the description, quantity, quality, specification, origin and tariff classification of goods, etc. Where any illegal false declarations are found, they will not be allowed to store in the bonded warehouses except for correcting the tariff classification.

5. Items that fail to pass the quarantine inspection or are not permitted to be imported from Mainland China are not allowed to be stored in the bonded warehouses.(except for those allowed to be stored in the bonded warehouses in accordance with other regulations)

6. What apply for storage in the bonded warehouses or returning the goods to the exporter shall be under Customs personnel escort transportation except for the raw materials for processing in the catering services and the consumables used in the dining car.

 7. The bonded warehouses shall have special storage areas, and each batch of incoming goods shall be placed centrally, and shall not be placed in various places, and the number and quantity of the D8 storage application form must be marked.

 8.  Where these notes do not provide shall be in accordance with other relevant laws and regulations.

Issued:Department of Audit Affairs Release date:2022-11-29 Click times:88