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Operating explanation

Real-name authentication for the consignee of imported express shipment.

2.1 Registration process

Step 0.
Importers search, download and install the APP “EZ WAY”.  

Step 1. 
Importers open the APP and touch the “sign up” button to perform the registration process.

Step 2.  
Importers review and agree with the register proclaim, then press the “I Agree” button.

Step 3-4.   
Importers fill up the relating personal identities with a  binded cell phone number,then press the “ Next”button to complete the registration process. 

Registration process

2.2 POA process

Step 0.
Importers receive the notification of importation.

Step 1-2. 
Importers login in the APP and touch the “real name” button into the next operational page to perform the POA process.

Step 3-4.  
Importers set up the time period of importation and press the “Query” button, then the APP will show the imported records indexed by house number and sorted by date.

Step 5-6.   
Importers touch the house number to review whether the context of declaration is correct or not, and make a reply of confirmation or denial by touching the “confirm” or “ denied” button。

POA process


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