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Real-name authentication for the consignee of imported express shipment.

1.1. Why do we promote?

According to current rules, any Customs broker entrusted to handle imported goods is required to have a valid POA from the importer and submit it to Customs upon declaration, but Customs brokers handling express consignments may apply to Customs for exemption of presenting POAs on a case-by-case basis, while keeping all acquired POAs on file for 6 months for Customs check upon request.
The exemption mentioned above is provided for the purpose of accelerating Customs clearance of express consignments. However, wrong-doers have taken advantage this privilege by preparing fake or falsified POAs under fabricated or stolen identities of private persons, so as to cover up trials of bringing in controlled or prohibited items, and these illegal items have been frequently discovered concealed in imported express consignments. Therefore, Customs promotes the real-name authentication system relating to imported express shipments.

1.2. How does it work?

Real-Name authentication system contains online registration and POA process:

1.2.1. Registration process 

Step 1.
Importers download and install the APP named EZ WAY, then fill out personal information to complete the registration process

Step 2. 
Information service company (Customs network) sends the message containing importer’s ID and cell phone number to telecom company to verify the importer’s personal information through the SIM card.

Step 3.  
Telecom company transmits the confirmation message by returning to Information service company.

Step 4.   
Information service company sends the message of the importer’s verified personal information binded with a cell phone number to Customs clearance system so sa to set up database file.

Registration process

1.2.1. POA process

Step 1.
A Customs broker submits the import declaration containing the importer’s cell phone number which is binded with a genuine personal identity.

Step 2. 
Customs clearance system sends the context of import declaration, including the date, description, price and volume of imported items.

Step 3.  
Information service company pushes the import notification to importer via APP.

Step 4.  
Importers receive the notification, login in APP to review the context of import declaration, and complete the POA process by one-touch confirmation. 

Step 5.  
Information service company sends the confirmation message to Customs clearance system to finish the POA process.

POA process


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