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Detector Dog Breeding and Training Center

Detector Dog Breeding and Training Center

The main task for Taiwan Customs Detector Dog Breeding and Training Center is to cultivate and train the detector canines. The site area is therefore requested to meet certain standards so as to accommodate various training facilities, kennels and office buildings. Moreover, it is necessary to consider the local rain fall, wind direction, humidity and daylight time to see whether it is suitable for canine breeding, growing and training. The vicinity to residence houses, the possibility that canine activities affecting the quietness of the neighborhood, the safety of the surroundings and the air and environmental pollution are as well concerned.

The Detector Dog Breeding and Training Center locates at No.116, Sishan Rd., Houli Township, Taichung County, with 13 hectares in area. The original Military Canine Center has been abandoned for years, therefore, the whole area was in mess and most facilities had been ruined. All the water and electricity systems were out of function and the doors and windows were seriously damaged. After the site was transferred, Taiwan Customs has conducted aggressively a series of renovation works, which include the accomplishment of the Breeding Center main building at the beginning of 2008. At the end of April 2008 all breeding center staff started to operate in it. On June 6, 2008 the Breeding and Training Center held its opening ceremony and the inauguration of the Breeding Center in place. All relevant government agencies and their chiefs were invited to take part in this ceremony. Those leaders expressed their recognition to officials of Taiwan Customs, those who contributed to set up the detector dog program so as to protect the health of the general public and to safeguard this country.

For the time being, the Breeding and Training Center has accomplished the renovation of Administration Building, Training Center Building, Breeding Center Building, Gymnasium Center, Simulation Houses, Demo Hall, Training Classroom, Kennel Manager Office, Dog Food Storage Room, numbers of kennels, day yards and an agility yard.

The Breeding and Training Center is composed of Breeding and Training Divisions. Breeding Division is responsible for stud and brood bitch selection and canine mating, promoting foster family program, puppy socialization, transiting and dealing with unfit dogs, puppy kennel management and health care and the international cooperation on detector dog breeding. Training Division is responsible for the arrangement of detector dog team training course, selection of trainee handlers and suitable dogs for training, certification of handlers and instructors, application and management of training aids, audit and examination of operation regarding to detector dog teams in regional Customs Office, kennel management and health care for adult dogs, international cooperation on detector dog training, providing assistance to other law-enforcement agencies in detector dog training and supporting their investigation and detection assignment, and overall deployment of the detector dog teams between regional Customs Offices.

To make a name for puppy at the Breeding and Training Center is according to the litter sequence that puppies are born on. It is denominated by alphabetical order, such as the names for the first litter puppies are lead by Capital A like Andy, Angel, Anna and etc. The names for second litter puppies are named after Capital B like Bernie, Barry, Betty, Bonita and etc.

To make the understanding of detector dogs for the public, the Breeding and Training Center use the following ways to introduce its program and to interact with community:

●Irregularly visit the elementary schools in Holi and interact with school children there.

●Go for socialization training at train stations, shopping malls and parks to enhance the interaction between puppies and human.

●Make introduction documents of puppy walkers and socialization training volunteers as a reference for the public.

●Provide the public access to visit Breeding and Training Center. With security consideration, application should be made in advance to arrange the tour guide.




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