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2020 External Trade Statistics Annual Adjustment and Statistics of Custom Affairs

    The annual adjustment of trade ststistics in 2020 was completed on February 20. The total exports was adjusted to US$345 billion, revised down by US$60 million (up 4.9% from 2019). The total imports was adjusted to US$286 billion, revised down by US$0.7 billion due to the pending cases for petroleum gases valuation correcting after retrial (up 0.1% from 2019).
    For trade partners, Singapore decreased US$20 million accounting for 31.3% of total exports adjustment, while Qatar and the U.S. had the highest adjustment value of total imports, decreasing US$180 million and US$130 million respectively.
    In Custom affairs, the number of declarations (excluding simplified forms) reached 11.4 million in 2020, of which 5 million were import declarations, increasing by 2.4%; while 6.5 million were export declarations, decreasing by 5.0%.
    For Taipei Customs, the number of import declarations increased by 3.5%, and the value increased by 11.1%. In terms of export, although the number of declarations decreased by 3.6%, the value increased by 17.7% due to increasing quantities and the forms with higher value.
    For maritime customs, the number of import and export declarations decreased by 0.1% and 7.2%, and the value decreased by 8.5% and 6.1%. In terms of loaded containers, total importation and exportation in 2020 reached 3.8 million containers, of which Kaoshiung Customs accounted for more than 50% and decreased by 2.3%. Keelung Customs and Taichung Customs slightly increased by 2.3% and 5.9%. 
    If any question, please write to below e-mail address: sta@customs.gov.tw

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