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Ministry of Finance(MOF) released draft amendment on partial articles of "The Regulations Governing the Establishment and Management of Bonded Warehouses"

In order for the business operaters to comply with regulations on the bonded goods and the Customs to exercise their duties, MOF released draft amendment on partial articles of “The Regulations Governing the Establishment and  Management of Bonded Warehouses” on September 29, 2020, and all comments are highly welcome.
Customs Administration stated that there are 25 articles in this amendment. The main purposes and key points are as follows:
1. Simplify administrative procedures:To simplify administration and ease burden for the industry, the Bonded Warehouse can make a written report to the supervising Customs on increase of capitals, instead of filing an application for renewal of license.
2. Establish the entry and exit mechanism for bonded warehouses:
(1)In order to enhance the honesty and compliance of operators, when applying for registration of a warehouse as a bonded warehouse, the operator should fill in the self-examination form and conduct self-examination  in conformity with established standards and relevant regulations.
(2)Establish exit mechanism for bonded warehouses. When the Bonded Warehouse has ceased operations for two years and has not resumed business, restored goods or provided reasonable explanations within one month after notification by the Customs, the registration of the Bonded Warehouse may be revoked.
3. Strengthen the supervision of bonded warehouses dedicated to the storing of goods for aircraft flying international air routes:
(1)In order to strengthen the management of cleared chambers for released goods, the Customs may order the operator to declare the clearance application individually according to the flight schedule when necessary.
(2)In order to implement the management of the goods moving in and out of  the bondedwarehouse and the account management, if the goods could not be sold on the airplanes within the two-year storage period, the operator should declare the clearance application and return the unsold goods to the bonded warehouse.
(3)The operator should establish an electronic accounting system for the goods placed in cleared chambers in order to facilitate the remote audits by the Customs.
Customs Administration also stated that the draft amendment has been posted on the "Finance Related Laws & Regulations / Drafts of Regulations and Orders" page of the MOF’s global information website (http://www.mof.gov.tw). If you have any comments during the notice period, please make your opinion or contact Customs Administration before November 30, 2020.

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