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Customs work with industry to promote “IOT Cargos Monitoring Plan” and publishes the Draft of Equipment Standards

    In order to establish a new safety mechanism for cargo movement and achieve the goal of monitoring the process of cargo movement from point to point, the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance is implementing the “IOT Cargos Monitoring Plan” with six major development priorities, including “Public and Private Partners”, “Cost Reduction”, “Preventing Smuggling”,“Deepening Investigations”, “Cultivating Industries” and “Information Integration”. The monitoring plan includes container semitrailers and bonded trucks. By installing OBU equipment and OBD seals, with the Internet of Things technology to record and transmit the entire transportation data to the customs platform in real time, the project will enhance the momentum of customs investigations In the future.
    The Customs Administration stated the project to establish industry standards for IOT cargos monitoring equipment has been contracted to the TTIA. TTIA launched this project in April this year (2020). It has gone through several industry public hearings and group workshops, participated by stakeholders such as vehicle-mounted devices producers, seal equipment suppliers, system integrators, telecommunications operators, and land transporters such as container semitrailers and bonded trucks  todiscuss the equipment’s technical specifications and transportation procedures. After discussion of practical issues and collecting opinions, the drafts of “On-Board Unit Industrial Standard for Container and Truck Cargo Transportation” and “On-Board Unit and Peripheral Device Industrial Standard for Container and Truck Cargo Transportation” were published.
    In the future, if the specifications of OBU equipment and OBD seals can comply with international standards and align with overseas logistics requirments, it will further promote trade facilitation and enhance our country’s global trade security status, achieving the goal of a win-win cooperation between the public sector and the private sector. The Customs Administration also welcome those who are interested in the IOT plan to provide feedback that can further benefit the IOT plan.

新聞稿聯絡人:林伯儒 科員

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