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Online application is ready for extension of storage period of duty-free goods

In order to alleviate the impact of Covid-19 pandemic and relieve the pressure of storing duty-free goods, the Customs Administration relaxed restrictions on the storage period of bonded goods in duty-free shops and offshore island duty-free shops. Said storage period could be extended more than once, due to the stipulated natural disasters, incidents, or other force majeure reasons.  At the same time, Customs upgraded the online application for storage period extension of bonded goods in duty-free shops (NTF01) by enhancing its functions of checking and correcting for cases with duplicate declarations.

Customs stated that in order to facilitate duty-free shop operators to submit their applications for extending the storage period of duty-free goods via Internet and prevent unnecessary delays resulting from duplicate declarations, the "Bonding Operations Intelligence Service Platform" provides "Online application for storage period extension of bonded goods in duty-free shops (NTF01)" which has adapted to new regulations. The system will calculate the extension period automatically, that is, after judging the initial time of goods stored into bonded warehouse, the expiration date will be automatically extended by one year. For those cases submitted by different operators but with the same declarations, the system will find the duplicates and notify the applicants. After receiving the notification, duty-free shop operators can use the "Duty-free shop case supplementary data submission operation (NTF11)" to upload the corrected data without reapplying.

Related services are available in Bonding Operations intelligence Service Platform (https://bis.sw.nat.gov.tw). If you have any questions, please contact the "Customs-Port-Trade (CPT) Single Window" customer service center (toll-free service number 0800-299-889). There will be dedicated personnel to provide assistance and services.
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