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“Pre-Entrusted Customs Declaration” inquiry now available on “Express Consignee’s Identification Service” for widespread use

In line with the implementation of the new measure of “pre-entrusted customs declaration” on December 28, 2021, Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance added a note of “Pre-Entrusted Customs Declaration” to the “Pre-Inquiry of Express Consignee’s Identification Information” function at the Customs-Port-Trade Single Window (CPT-SW) for traders to confirm the consignees first. This provides a convenient way to complete the entrusted procedure before cargo declarations so as to ensure smooth customs clearance, and we welcome all parties to make good use of it.
In order to prevent identity theft during the importation of illegal items or fraudulent packages resulting in innocent parties being punished, Customs Administration is promoting the new measure of Pre-Entrusted Customs Declaration. After the implementation of the new measure, if an importer responds through the real-name authentication APP (EZ WAY) that his/her identity has been misused, in other words, if the express cargo is not entrusted in advance, then this cargo will not be able to be imported, thereby protecting the rights of express buyers.
Customs Administration stated that, after the express consignee’s identification information is uploaded by Customs brokers through the “Pre-Inquiry of Express Consignee’s Identification Information” function, it is compared with the real-name authentication information. The result confirms the consignee’s identity as well as whether the consignee has entrusted declaration in advance. Thus, brokers can complete the pre-entrusted procedure to speed up the customs clearance of express shipments.
Customs Administration further stated that as of January 3, 2022, the number of those who have set up pre-entrusted customs declarations was 2,326, and there were 788 wrong declarations due to unfinished entrusted declarations in advance. Customs Administration urges traders to go to the CPT-SW to make good use of the services so as to save the time and cost of making multiple transmissions. If you have any questions, please dial the toll-free customer service hotline 0800-299-889 to receive one-on-one service and assistance.

Press Contact Information:
Name: KE, WEN-WEN, Section Chief of The Customs Administration
Email: 005908@customs.gov.tw
Phone: (02)2550-5500 ext. 2410

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