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With the completion of the FTZ Cargo Cross-zone Transport Tracking and Monitoring System, Customs urges fleet operators to actively participate in the pilot to provide high-quality services.

The Customs Administration stated that in order to establish a technology-controlled mechanism for free trade zones cargo transportation, to effectively supervise the movement of goods in and out of the zone as well as the dynamic information such as the route and transportation status during the transportation period, and to ensure the safety of goods movement, Customs has introduced Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to build the FTZ Cargo Cross-zone Transport Tracking and Monitoring System in November 2020. In order to facilitate the adjustment and preparation of the participants in the free trade zones and to be in line with the timetable for the competent authority to revise related regulations, it is currently piloted by the voluntary participation of FTZ dedicated fleet vehicle operators.         

The Customs Administration explained that some operators reported that their fleets have been equipped with GPS machines and hope to join the pilot with existing equipments to avoid double purchasing and increasing operating costs. The Customs Administration therefore planned for developing monitoring system capable of receiving several different GPS machine transmission formats, and has held four advocacy meetings with the units of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to conduct surveys regarding operators’ intention to participate with existing GPS machines. Meanwhile, the equipment vendors have been invited to assist in the remote online setting of those GPS machines, and the relevant setting will be launched in the near future. 

The Customs Administration  further explained that the promotion of the monitoring system is a policy advocated by the government. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has listed it as one of the specific measures of the “Free Trade Zones (FTZ) 2.0 Promotion Plan”, which has been approved by the Executive Yuan. With fleet operators participating in the pilot, the system not only provides fleet management functions, such as driving behavior statistics, national highway billing, mileage statistics, etc., but also provides consignors with real-time information such as fleet tracking and estimated cargo arrival time. The purpose is to provide high-quality services to cargo owners, increase opportunities for fleet operators to be consigned, and improve operational performance.

The Customs Administration urges fleet operators to support government policies and to actively participate in the pilot implementation of the monitoring system. For any inquiries about the system, welcome to contact the Customs Administration.

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