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Passengers declare money laundering controlled items online in advance to facilitate clearance process.

To improve the efficiency of processing declarations for passengers with currency and valuable assets exceeding the government regulated amount, Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance has provided the online declaration service, which is coded MI50, on the Customs-Port-Trade (CPT) Single Window website. 
Customs indicates that cash or other items carried by inbound/outbound passengers exceeding the stipulated limit should be declared such valuables with Customs, including but not limited to currency more than NT$100,000 in Taiwan dollars, more than US$10,000 in foreign currency, and gold worth more than US$20,000 that is likely to be exploited for money laundering.
Before this online declaration service was launched, passengers were asked to submit paper forms to declare the said items at Customs locations. On November 4, 2022, Article 4 of the “Anti-Money Laundering Regulations for Cross-border Declaration and Reporting” was amended, which stipulates that declarations in electronic format may be filed by passengers as well. The digital service is offered in both Chinese and English versions, and may be accessed via computers and smart devices, providing an expedient and paper-free option for those who need to declare their assets.
Customs Administration further explains that if passengers need to declare controlled items listed above, they are advised to go to the “Customs-Port-Trade (CPT) Single Window/ Online Service/ Online Application/ (MI50) Inbound/Outbound Passengers previous registration and declaration of money laundering controlled items”, choose “declaration for inbound passengers” or “declaration for outbound passengers” and fill in the blanks, and click “declaration record inquiry” to check the status of declaration case. They can also use the information provided on the webpage to obtain further customs clearance instructions and relevant Q/A.
If you have any questions about the usage of this service, please contact the “Customs-Port-Trade (CPT) Single Window” customer service center (toll-free service number 0800-299-889). Dedicated personnel are available to provide assistance and services.

PHONE: (02) 25505500 ext 2424

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2023-01-31 Click times:407