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Taiwan Customs Utilizes Narcotic Detector to Inspect Suspicious Consignments and Intercept Smuggling of NPS and Precursors

For the implementation of “New Generation Anti-drug Strategy”, Taiwan Customs deploys narcotic detectors to inspect suspicious cargos and postal parcels to intercept smuggling of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) and precursors at the border. After each drug seizure, Customs not only collaborates with judicial police agencies to conduct further investigations, but also cooperates with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of Health and Welfare to update the database of narcotic detectors.

Customs Administration indicates that NPS with similar chemical structures to amphetamine, including synthetic cathinone and other compounds, were recently prohibited by the Taiwan Government. According to laboratories of the National Police Agency, Ministry of Interior and the Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice, these narcotics are mostly detected from attractively packaged instant coffee or milk tea powder. In order to increase the effect of drugs, those instant drinks are frequently mixed with various narcotics or NPS. They are sold at night clubs or private parties to attract youngsters; however, the ingestion of these products is extremely DANGEROUS. Customs strongly appeals to the public to NOT purchase or use such products in specific packages.

To prevent NPS and precursor smugglings, Taiwan Customs has been purchasing narcotic detectors since 2013, including handheld Raman laser spectrum analyzers. These types of advanced equipment, mainly deployed at field customs office in airports, post offices, sea containers and air express cargo warehouses, are used to immediately identify the substances of suspicious powder, so as to strengthen the detection of illicit drugs.

Customs Administration emphasizes that the application of narcotic detectors makes cargo inspections simple and fast, which strikes the balance between Customs clearance facilitation and border security. We urge citizens to report any suspected drug trafficking activities to Customs by calling the toll-free number 0800-003131.

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