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Utilize the online service of Product Data Warehouse to improve the efficiency of customs clearance data investigation

  Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance stated that, in order to facilitate importers and exporters to apply for their own customs clearance data at Customs, since May 1, 2017, Customs Administration has provided online application for customs clearance data services in the CPT Single Window “Product Data Warehouse Service”. Since its implementation, the rate of online applications has increased year by year. By 2022, the number of online applications had reached 220, accounting for 99% of the application cases in that year. The average processing time for each application was less than one working day.
    Customs Administration stated that importers and exporters could apply for their own customs clearance data for the past five years in accordance with Article 12 of the Customs Act, Article 30 of the Regulations Governing Collection Of Customs Service Fees, and Article 17 of the Regulations Governing The Implementation Of Automated Cargo Clearance Procedures. If the application is submitted through the “Product Data Warehouse Service” with an IC Card issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Certification Authority (declaration in the name of the company) or the Ministry of the Interior Certificate Authority (declaration in the name of individual), the system will automatically produce payment documents according to the application content, and produce customized survey results after confirmation of payment. After verification, the data can be downloaded and used, which greatly improves the efficiency of customs clearance data investigation. In addition, importers and exporters can also check the progress of their case online in this system in real time, and the information is convenient and transparent. Customs Administration further clarified that this kind of application can still be applied in paper form, but importers and exporters must fax the “Confirmation Form” first, and after Customs notifies the confirmation of the application and fees, then go to the customs counter with the “Application Form” and relevant identification documents to process and pay the fee. After the customs data production is completed, it will be sent by post. The administrative operation will take about 3 to 8 working days.
    Customs Administration emphasizes that this service is for the needs of importers and exporters for internal inspection and reconciliation, and the data is generated by the database of the customs clearance system in real time. It may still change with the correction of declaration items in the future, so it is for reference only. It shall not be used as any proof. If importers or exporters need documents as proof, they may still apply for an import and export certificate or a copy of the customs declaration.

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