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EZ Way, the APP for Real-Name Authentication of the Consignees of Import Express Shipments, is accessible for ARC Holders

Taiwan Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance announces that starting March 30, 2021, foreigners with Alien Resident Certificate (hereinafter ARC), including those who work, study, or have dependents in Taiwan, are able to enjoy the facilitated customs clearance service provided by EZ Way upon registration of this APP.
Customs Administration indicates that Taiwan Customs has received numerous demands from foreign ARC holders for access to EZ Way APP. In order to provide expatriates with a friendly living environment by expediting the customs clearance of express consignments either delivered by their overseas relatives/friends or purchased through cross-border e-commerce, Customs Administration actively studied feasible solutions with the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior to enhance the identity verification functions of the APP, while requesting the Trade-Van Information Service Co. to upgrade the EZ Way by incorporating the said functions. Through the aformentioned joint endeavors of relevant agencies, foreigners with ARC are able to enjoy the customs clearance benefits of EZ Way since March 30, 2021 by carrying out the following steps: download the APP, enter the required personal identification data including ARC numbers (new or old version), name, cell phone number, and birth date, and complete the necessary registration process by connecting their personal data to the corresponding cell phone account. 
Customs Administration further indicates that, in addition to the aforementioned upgrading of EZ Way, Taiwan Customs will continue to  listen to suggestions and problems raised by the general public and spare no effort to refine the current system, so as to enhance the friendliness and expand the service scope of EZ Way.  

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Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-04-19 Click times:20705