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No. Title
1 Operation Directions Governing Customs Procedures for Goods Exported by Post from Free Trade Zones
2 Operation Directions Governing Customs Auditing Operations in Free Trade Zones
3 Notes on the Storage of Agricultural, Fishery and Livestock Products in Bonded Warehouses under Tariff Quotas
4 Regulations Governing Temporary Admission of Goods
5 Directions Governing Customs Procedures for Carnet for Temporary Admission of Goods
6 Operation Directions Governing Customs Value Determination of One-Time Transfer Pricing in a Fiscal Year
7 Operation Directions for Imported Used Cars Valuation
8 Operation Directions Governing the Escort and Sealing of Bonded Goods Entering or Exiting Bonded Warehouses
9 Operation Directions for Customs Trade Statistics
10 Operational Directions Governing the Clearance Procedures of Imported Exhibition Goods
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