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Interpretive Rules

No. Title Publish time
1 The “glass shower enclosure” characterized by glass materials shall be classified under Tariff No.7020.00.99 based on General Rules of Interpretation 1 and 3(B) of "Customs Import Tariff". 2020-08-25
2 Tai-tsai-kuan-tzu-ti-1091015146 on July 6, 2020 2020-07-06
3 For the purpose of headings 6909 through 6914, the terms "porcelain" or "china" embrace ceramic ware (other than stoneware) will not absorb more than 0.5 percent of its weight of water. 2020-06-04
4 Tai-tsai-kuan-tzu-ti-1091006081 on March 24, 2020 2020-03-24
5 Tai-tsai-kuan-tzu-ti-1091005171 on March 13, 2020 2020-03-13
6 Tai-tsai-kuan-tzu-ti-1091002148 on February 6, 2020 2020-02-07
7 Tai-tsai-kuan-tzu-ti-1081012957 on November 29, 2019 2019-11-29
8 According to the “Regulations for Managing the Production and Marketing of Coastal Hairtail and Fishing Vessels Carrying Coastal Hairtail”, the shipment of the coastal hairtail to the ports of Mainland China announced by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan shall be exempt from export declaration and shall not apply to the provisions of Paragraph 2, Article 16 of the “Customs Act”. 2019-10-24
9 Tai-tsai-kuan-tzu-ti-1081012957 on September 12, 2019 2019-09-12
10 for the abolition of the decree documented as Tai-Tsai-Kuan-Tzu No. 0910550152. 2019-07-12
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