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No. Title Publish time
1 How does Customs determine the customs value of re-imported goods shipped abroad for repair, assembly, or further processing? 2023-03-21
2 How should the science park enterprises process customs clearance procedures for export of its bonded products? 2023-02-22
3 What is the duration of the storage of goods in free trade zones? 2023-01-09
4 Are there any special requirements for exporting goods from free trade zones to the United States of America, EU countries and the United Kingdom? 2023-01-09
5 What are the relevant regulations for inbound passengers carrying tobacco or liquor into Taiwan? 2023-01-05
6 What articles may a passenger bring in duty free? 2023-01-05
7 Duty exemption for epidemic prevention supplies 2022-09-30
8 Return for export 2022-09-30
9 Return of export products for any reason 2022-09-30
10 Duty exemption for educational supplies 2022-09-30
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