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No. Title Publish time
1 Advance Customs Broker Authorization System 2.0 for the consignees of import express shipments is implemented 2023-09-25
2 Should the manifest be corrected or only the actual number of pieces arrived be entered for short or overflow discharge? Will the transshipment application be compared with the number of pieces in the manifest or the actual number of pieces received? 2023-09-22
3 When there is only one discharging place in the same customs area for ocean shipping, how to declare the goods consolidated in the processing zone? 2023-09-22
4 What are the differences between the three methods of cargo clearance: C1, C2 and C3? 2023-09-22
5 Exchange of Imported Cargo 2023-09-22
6 Express Consignments Consolildation Measure to be Gradually Phased Out 2023-09-21
7 If a free-trade-zone enterprise transports duty-free goods to a processing contractor located in a tax area as stipulated in Article 9 of the Regulations Governing Customs Clearance for Goods in Free Trade Zones and makes use of raw materials imported by the processing contractor during the processing procedure, may those raw materials be requested for duty refund? 2023-08-11
8 May the customs duty be refunded if the taxpayer applies for storing the goods in a free trade zone prior to picking up them? 2023-08-11
9 Should the ownership of goods be transferred when goods in bonded areas are transported into free-trade-zone enterprises? How can one ensure the ownership of goods? 2023-08-11
10 How to evaluate customs value and levy customs duty if the foreign goods processed, manufactured, reconditioned, simple processed, inspected or tested in a free trade zone have been transported to a tax area? 2023-08-11
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