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No. Title Publish time
1 What are the regulations about applying for inspection of the Park Enterprises’ bonded goods of importation/exportation in the factory? 2022-03-21
2 What are the regulations of customs clearance and taxation for a free trade zone enterprise to report, store, refit, import, declare, and collect foreign vehicles? 2022-03-15
3 What are identical goods? What are similar goods? 2022-03-14
4 If a free trade zone enterprise transports duty-free goods to a processing contractor located in a tax area as stipulated in Article 9 of the Regulations Governing Customs Clearance for Goods in Free Trade Zones and makes use of the parts which were imported by a collaborating contractor of the processing contractor, are those parts considered bonded or duty-free? 2022-03-08
5 How to declare export manifest when making re-release of cargo after clearnce? 2021-12-01
6 How do marine goods leave restricted area without T2? 2021-12-01
7 How do Customs recognize estimated time of arrival of Ships? 2021-12-01
8 Forwarders registration notice 2021-12-01
9 What are the precautions for airlift warehousing operators after new Advance import cargo system is released online? 2021-12-01
10 Regulations Governing Duty Exemption of Imported Education and Research Goods 2021-12-01
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