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No. Title Publish time
1 Is there any time limit for the storage and release of the bonded warehouse goods? 2020-12-01
2 What are the procedures for right holders to apply for trademark protection to Taiwan Customs? 2020-06-18
3 Is a Power of Attorney necessary for express consignment clearance? 2020-06-16
4 What is “Simplified Declaration”? Is there any restriction for it? 2020-06-16
5 What are the categorizations of express consignments? 2020-06-16
6 What is Release Before Duty? How to apply for Release Before Duty and customs clearance on such condition? 2020-06-16
7 Why an inspection-exempted declaration form will be changed into inspection-needed, once it has been selected to be the inspection-waiver? 2020-06-16
8 When duty-paid imports are found to have been damaged or not conforming to the specifications and quality as stated in the original contract,what can we do? 2020-06-16
9 What is the prescribed time limit for the amendment of export declarations after the release of goods? 2020-06-16
10 What articles a passenger may bring in duty free? 2020-06-16
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