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Organization History and Mission

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The Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance (named Inspectorate General of Customs before Feb.3, 1991) was established in 1854. In 1911, the ROC was established, and this organization went on. When the "Customs Organizational Statute" had been promulgated in February 1991, the organization assumed a new name -- Directorate General of Customs, Ministry of Finance. The DGOC was consolidated with Department of Customs Administration, the internal unit with the Ministry of Finance, and renamed the Customs Administration for reorganization of Executive Yuan on Jan.1, 2013.

 During its early years, Customs, in addition to duty collection, did introduce western new concepts and systems and also involved itself in many Chinese modernization reforms; for instance, establishing the Navy and setting up harbor, post, aids to navigation, weather service, education as well as foreign affairs administration. Among these, harbor business and post business were later transferred to the respective authorities in charge. 

    This Customs administration is the agency of customs policies and regulations. In specific terms, this organization takes charge of collection of customs duty, smuggling prevention, bonding, trade statistics, and entrusted taxes and fees collection, as well as enforcement of government control. In recent years, we have been consistently streamlining and enhancing various procedures, particularly the import/export cargo clearance automation, governing the certification and management of the Authorized Economic Operators, employment of X ray container inspection machines, detector dogs, RFID E-seal monitoring system and dual-channel (red-green lines) passengers clearance system, in order to improve Customs efficiency and raise service standards.

  • Date:2013-09-24
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