Customs Administration

Organization Structure

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Functions of Customs Administration

Name of Unit


Department of Customs Clearance Affairs

Responsible for the business regarding cargo clearance, collection and exemption of duties and fees, management of means of transport, warehouses and customs brokers, etc.

Department of Tariffs and Legal Affairs

In charge of the interpretation and classification of tariffs for import/export goods. Reviews customs laws, regulations and statutes; handles operations involving the application of State Compensation Law; collects or compiles information concerning customs laws and regulations.

Department of Investigation

In charge of matters concerning enforcement laws and regulations and smuggling prevention and interception.

Department of Information Management

The Department of Information Management is responsible for 1) planning the overall development of Customs IT services, 2) maintaining the operation of all the IT infrastructure and services related to the Customs business and 3) conducting the procurement of IT system implementation outsourcing.

Department of Audit Affairs

Responsible for the planning and administering of customs valuation, post clearance audit, bonding and free trade zone operations.

Department of Planning

In charge of the planning and evaluation of customs operations, special customs duty, and international customs cooperation affairs.


Conducts relevant operations including official seal endorsing, corresponding and filing of official documents, general affairs, cashier matters, engineering and maintenance of facilities, public relations handling, etc.

Statistics Office

Responsible for the collection, compilation, reporting and dissemination of import/export trade data and other statistics related works.

Accounting Office

In charge of relevant businesses including accounting, budgeting and auditing.

Personnel Office

Responsible for the management of customs employees and supervision of field customs personnel Offices.

Internal Affairs Office

Supervises the evaluation of customs officers’ compliance status, and works to prevent and investigate unlawful activities.

Civil Service Ethics Office

Responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of employees’ integrity and supervises field customs offices’ Civil Service Ethics Offices.



Functions of Field Offices

Field Offices

1.Collection of import duty

2. Entrusted by other government agencies to collect commodity tax, business tax, tobacco and alcohol tax, and other fees or charges

3.Clearance of exported goods

4.Prevention and interception of smuggling and handling of goods seized

5.Management of the clearance of means of transport and the establishment of customs brokers

6.Supervision of import/export warehouses and container yards

7.Management and supervision of bonded factories and bonded warehouses

8.Assists other government agencies in executing their laws and regulations

9.Handles the clearance of goods into or out of special areas

10.Supervision and maintenance of Customs surveillance vessels and communication equipment

11.Other customs-related affairs

  • Date:2017-10-30
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