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CPT framework and its services

The comprehensive framework of CPT is illustrated as Figure1. In the end of 2016, there are twenty-eight participating agencies , including Customs, trade authorities, port authorities, quarantine authorities, have electronically linked with CPT through the network dedicated to domestic government agencies. The trading communities (importers, exporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders, carriers, etc.) are the main users of CPT. According to the statistic, there are about five thousand user accounts registered on the website of CPT. CPT provides two interfaces of application for the trading community filing documents :

  1. XML/EDI  interface of application for those using the aforementioned standards to lodge documentation electronically through Custom Clearance Value-Added Networks (VANs) to CPT.
  2. Web-based interface of application for individuals who just log in the website of CPT to fill in relevant forms online.

Framework and Services

In addition, CPT is capable of interoperating with other members’ single window systems to conduct cross-border data exchange. Since April 2014 Customs Administration and China Customs have exchanged the electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) via their single window systems to facilitate cargo clearance of two parties, which deepens bilateral customs cooperation.

  1. Business to Government (B2G) application services
    Despite the above submission of documentation related to trade, CPT also offers different kinds of convenient services for the trading community conducting clearance procedures, for example, e-Payment services enables taxes or fees can be electronically deducted from the bank account of traders.
  2. Government to Government (G2G) information sharing services
    For more efficient performance on border enforcement of Customs and participating agencies, CPT provides multiple information sharing services. For example, G2G Compliance-check services aims to automatically cross check customs declarations and the import/export licenses issued by participating agencies.
  3. Nation to Nation (N2N) data exchange services
    CPT, as a national single window, could be interoperable with foreign single window systems so as to offer N2N cross-border data exchange services between  domestic government agencies interested in exchanging trade documentation (eCO, SPS, etc.) with other members.
  • Date:2018-07-16
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