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LDCs Subject to Tariff Free Treatment on Certain Products

  • Data Source:關務署稅則法制組

LDCs Subject to Tariff Free Treatment on Certain Products

By Dept. of Tariff and Legal Affairs, CA

LDCs Identification Criteria

  1. Low Income Threshold: Measured by the average annual gross national income (GNI) per capita of 3 years. If the country’s annual income per person is below US$1,025, it will be included in the LDC category and the graduation threshold is US$1,230.
  2. Human Assets Measurement Criteria includes:

a. nutrition (measured by the percentage of undernourished people);

b. health (measured by mortality rates of children under 5 years old);

c. education (measured by secondary school enrolment rates);

d. adults literacy rate.

  1. Economic Vulnerability Measurement Criteria includes:

a. population;

b. remoteness;

c. merchandise export concentration;

d. primary industry’s shares in GDP;

e. share of population in low elevated coastal zone;

f. instability of exports of goods and services;

g. victims of natural disasters;

h. instability of agricultural production.

Countries are eligible to enter the list of LDCs defined by the United Nations, if they meet all the above three criteria and have a population of no more than 75million.


The Committee for Development Policy (CDP) of the UN reviews the list of LDCs every three years. If a country fails to meet any two of the three criteria twice in a row as reviewed by CDP, it will be eligible to leave the LDC category. However, if the average annual GNI per capita of a country has increased to twice of the graduation threshold, the country is deemed as eligible to graduate, no matter the performances of the other two criteria.


Note: Abstracted from the Identification Criteria at the latest UN website. (Last visited Sep. 25 2019)


  • Publish Date:2019-09-26
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