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When will the Customs auction off smuggled and overdue goods? How can I get the information about the auction?

The auction schedule of each Customs in Taiwan is different, please contact them or visit their website. The list of goods to be auctioned and auction qualifications also will be announced on the website.

  1. Keelung Customs
    Tel: 886-2-24202951 ext. 3240, 3244
  2. Taipei Customs
    Tel: 886-3-3834265 or 886-3-3834161 ext. 439
  3. Taichung Customs
    Tel: 886-4-26565101 ext. 301
  4. Kaohsiung Customs
    Tel: 886-7-5613251 ext. 8339, 8341

For more information, please call 886-2-25505500 ext. 2948. 

Contact Information

886-2-25505500 ext. 2948

Data Source

Department of Investigation

  • Publish Date:2020-06-02
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