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Is there any limit on the amount of New Taiwan Dollars, Chinese currency (Renminbi), other foreign currencies and negotiable securities brought into or taken out of Taiwan by passengers?

  1.  Each passenger can bring no more than NTD100,000 with him/her when entering or leaving Taiwan unless a permit from the Central Bank of China (Taiwan) is offered ahead of passing through the customs.
  2.  Renminbi is limited up to RMB20,000. The amount over RMB20,000 must be declared, or it is subject to confiscation. However, it is not allowed to bring the exceeding amount in or out of Taiwan even with a declaration.
  3.  Foreign currencies in excess of USD10,000 (or its equivalent in other foreign currencies) must be declared. The exceeding amount of foreign currencies shall be subject to confiscation if passengers fail to declare them.
  4. Negotiable securities (namely bearer traveler’s checks, other types of checks, promissory notes, drafts, or any other form of negotiable securities) with face value in excess of USD10,000 should be declared. Passengers fail to declare or make a false declaration will be fined at least equivalent to the amount failed to declare.


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886-2-25505500 ext. 2515

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Department of Customs Clearance Affairs

  • Publish Date:2019-05-27
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