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What are the procedures to re-open the containers sealed by the Customs for re-loading?

  1. Carriers shall apply for special approval form or approval documents with designated person supervising at the export warehouse or designated supervision areas in the station.  Upon the completion of the procedures, the marks will be made on either the special approval form, approval documents, as well as on the export container list (documents or information).    
  2. If the re-loading in the released containers was applied by the customs brokers, the agreement letter from the owner of goods is required to be submitted as well. The carriers also have to specify “Consent to Re-loading” on the application forms.    
  3. The container will be sealed after re-loading.  The new seal numbers, updated information and documents will be filed in the computer record.


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Department of Customs Clearance Affairs

  • Publish Date:2019-05-27
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