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If a mistake in the currency declared on a C1 entry was found by the customs broker after the release of the goods, is it allowed to apply an amendment without being penalized?

According to Paragraph 2, Article 2 and Article 7 of the “Operational Regulations Governing the Correction of Import/Export Declarations”, an application for the correction of import/export declarations shall be made to the customs within 6 months from the next day the cargo is released. Applications behind the deadline will not be accepted. Besides, before the Customs discovers the fraud, an application for correcting false declaration of released C1 case will only be charged with the violation of Article 11 and 19 of the “Regulations Governing the Implementation of Automated Cargo Clearance Procedures” instead of being punished in accordance with Paragraph 4, Article 41 of the “Customs Anti-smuggling Act”.

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  • Publish Date:2019-06-14
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