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What are the procedures for right holders to apply for trademark protection to Taiwan Customs?

In order to protect the rights and interests of trademark owners, Taiwan Customs has enforced “Regulations Governing Customs Measures in Protecting the Rights and Interests of Trademark”. According to the regulations, the right holders could advice the Customs that unspecific imported or exported goods are suspected to have infringed on his/her trademark rights. The proprietor of a registered trademark shall make it, in electronic form, to the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance.

 When lodging the aforementioned advice, the following data shall also be submitted:

1.The descriptions of the characteristics of the genuine and the counterfeit goods.

2.Related image data in electronic file, such as sample, picture, catalogue or photo of the genuine goods and counterfeit goods. The image must display the registered trademark is affixed to the merchandise covered by the registration.

3.Registered trademark certificate. In the event that a advice is made by an agent, authorization documents shall be submitted.

4.The address and phone/mobile number of the proprietor (or his/her agent) in Taiwan.

Please visit Taiwan Customs website: https://web.customs.gov.tw (Border Security /Border Measures on IPR) for relative information.


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  • Publish Date:2019-05-14
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