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On July 12th, 2014, The Detector Dog Breeding and Training Center Hosted The Gala for Puppy Walkers and Socialization Volunteers

410249454771.jpgThe DDBTC held the gala for puppy-walkers and socialization volunteers on July 12th, 2014, which was hosted by Mr. Hsiao, Deputy Director of Department of Investigation. Mr. Hsiao expressed his gratitude to all the companies, puppy-walkers and socialization volunteers for what they had done for DDBTC, and also presented souvenirs in appreciation of their contributions to the Center. There were 124 people attending the activities, which included puppy-walkers experience sharing and the briefing on puppy socialization. Finally, the detector dogs Lucy appeared in the activities and shared the honor with her foster families. The gala completed with a great success in the afternoon.

  • Publish Date:2014-07-12
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