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Seven unqualified dogs found their new home


On October 5th 2015, Customs Administration announced the result of the transfer of 7 unqualified dogs: two of them were transferred to Taoyuan Fire Department and Hsin-Chu Gau-Feng Elementary School respectively, to be trained as working dogs; three dogs were transferred to the Animal Protection Association of R.O.C. (APA), and two were transferred to Nan-Tou Animal Care Association. The APA and Nan-Tou Animal Care Associations would help the five dogs to be adopted by the public.

The APA received more than a hundred of applications in only two days. Those applicants were selected by document review, family interview and interaction with dogs. Finally, three applicants were chosen to be the new owners of these unqualified dogs.

If you are interested in adopting unqualified dogs from Customs Detector Dog Breeding and Training Center, please check our website for more information: https://web.customs.gov.tw/.

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  • Publish Date:2015-11-03
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