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A heart-touching reunion, Customs detector dogs enjoyed a delightful gathering with their foster families

The Detector Dog Breeding and Training Center (DDTBC) held a reunion for puppy-walkers and socialization volunteers on December 8th, 2018. Ms. Hshieh, Director General of Customs Administration, accompanied with representatives or directors from field customs, hosted the event and expressed special thanks to puppy-walkers and cooperative enterprises, who have been providing long-term support to the detector dog program. Appreciation awards and gifts were also presented to honor their endeavors and contributions. The reunion not only provided puppy-walkers opportunities to exchange experiences, but also arranged a canine CPR demonstration for further interactive discussion.

In particular, DDBTC recalled outstanding Customs Detector Dog Teams to reunite with their puppy-walkers, where three of the dogs were raised by the same foster family. The moment of reunion is nothing but the most heart-touching images in the event. Furthermore, the invited outstanding handlers also shared their experiences and videos about seizure achievements. As puppy-walkers, it is honored and gratified to see their grown puppies have an outstanding performance against drug smuggling.

With Australian Customs’ technical support, DDBTC has raised 69 litters (451 puppies) since 2008, Customs Administration mentioned. Puppies have been well cared through the assistance of participating walkers and volunteers. Grown puppies also have excellent performances on drug detection. Some of the foster families are highly admired to have provided care for dogs for more than 7 years.

Customs Administration sincerely welcomes the general public who like dogs to join the puppy-walker program. Firms or business in central Taiwan are welcomed to provide venues for dog training as training effectiveness may be improved by the availability of access to diverse environment. For more information please refer to the website of the Customs Detector Dog Program.

  • Publish Date:2019-05-20
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