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Online Shoppers Urged to Be Cautious of the Risk of Importing Counterfeit Goods to Prevent Criminal Responsibility

In recent years, while cross-border e-commerce have been rapidly growing and online shopping has been easier than before, there has been a huge increase in counterfeit sales as well. Meanwhile, Taipei Customs (TPC) has kept strengthening its border intellectual property rights enforcement. In the year 2018, more than 50,000 imported counterfeit goods were seized. As of 2019, TPC has interdicted a large number of imported counterfeit products, including products labeled as ADIDAS neck scarves, ADIDAS pants, CASIO G-SHOCK watches, and JO MALONE perfumes. The goods were immediately seized for inspection and investigation.

Taipei Customs stated that as long as the goods were identified as counterfeit, the cases would be reported to the authorities to protect the intellectual property rights of the holder. TPC also set up a special intelligence analysis team to meet regularly to find out the latest smuggling patterns and conduct various types of risk analysis.

TPC once again reminds the public that the price difference between genuine and counterfeit items can be significant, and there are usually authorized retailers for brand-name products. TPC also warns that in the case of finding any deals too good to be true on the internet, shoppers should be aware of the possibility of counterfeiting and avoid purchase that could damage theirs rights.

  • Publish Date:2019-05-31
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