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Customs Applies Non-intrusive Inspection Technology Fighting Against Smuggling

To crack down on terrorism and other illegal activities such as drugs and weapons smuggling, Taichung Customs had already set up two mobile X-ray container scanning system in 2008. The X-ray container scanning system quickly screens the cargos loaded inside containers using non-intrusive inspection technology. Last year(2018),an X-ray rail mounted gantry inspection system was purchased. It takes only approximately 60 seconds for this newly purchased system to scan a 40-feet container. Dangerous and contraband items hidden inside the scanned containers can be detected.


Since the deployment of new non-intrusive inspection technology, a lot of smuggling cases, including narcotics, machines, bicycle parts and electrical appliances, have been seized successfully. Taichung customs calls on all importers to declare honestly and pay the duties according to the law, and will keep using various advanced technologies, adopting risk management approach, and deploying sniffer dogs to enhance enforcemen

  • Publish Date:2019-07-24
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