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Taiwan Jhonsin Co., Ltd. Holds AEO Kick-Off Conference

On July 30th 2019, the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Kick-Off and Business Partner Conference of Taiwan Jhonsin Co., Ltd. was held by Hsiao-wen Chen, the General Manager of the company. Lots of business partners were invited to participate in the event. In the conference, GM Chen declared that Taiwan Jhonsin would stand to launch AEO program. Kun-lung Lin, the Deputy Director of Taipei Customs (TPC), Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, with Customs AEO verification team, also participated in the conference, and hoped that Taiwan Jhonsin would acquire AEO certification successfully and become one of the Authorized Economic Operators.

Taiwan Jhonsin was established in 1983. The primary businesses of this company include optronics products, carrier equipment, packaging protection material, household goods, and other related products. GM Chen indicates that by joining in the AEO, businesses could review and improve their company’s safety, operation process and service quality. Businesses could also work together with Customs to continually strengthen supply chain security and promote trade facilitation. That’s why Taiwan Jhonsin actively applied for AEO certification from Customs to make the supply chain more complete and secure. 

Taipei Customs stated that companies could review the whole operating procedures, improve risk prevention safety measures, and strengthen various safety mechanisms to promote corporate image and competitiveness through introducing the AEO system. Furthermore, Customs will continually sign AEO mutual recognition agreements (MRA) with other countries to enjoy express customs clearance and preferential treatment in other countries. At present, Taiwan has signed the AEO MRA with the US, Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Australia, Japan and India. AEO mutual recognition testing operation between Taiwan and Mainland China has also been implemented. Customs anticipates that high-quality supply chain operators can join the AEO lineup. For further information about AEO, please contact with the Clearance Division II, Taipei Customs at (03) 383-4265 ext. 363 or 364, or go to TPC website (http://taipei.customs.gov.tw) "Authorized Economic Operator".

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