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Panda Logistics Co., Ltd. Certified as an Authorized Economic Operator by Taipei Customs

Panda Logistics Co., Ltd. was re-certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by Taipei customs (TPC), Ministry of Finance in June, 2019. On July 23, The Director of Taipei Customs, Chen I-tsai granted the certificate and extended his congratulations to the company.

TPC stated that the Customs has been dedicated to signing AEO mutual recognition agreements with other countries, so exported goods of Taiwan would enjoy preferential measures of facilitated Customs clearance. By 2019, Taiwan has signed the AEO mutual recognition agreements with the United States, Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Australia, Japan and India. AEO traders of Taiwan exporting goods to the above-mentioned countries could enjoy facilitated Customs clearance, such as lower inspection rates of the imported goods and various other preferential measures.

Economic operators introducing the AEO system could take the chance to review its operating procedures comprehensively, improve the company’s risk prevention safety measures, optimize its security mechanisms, and therefore enhance the corporation’s image and competitiveness. TPC also encouraged supply chain operators of Taiwan to join the AEO program. For further information on the requirements, please contact the Service Section, Clearance Division II at (03) 383-4265 ext. 363 or 364, or go to TPC website http://taipei.customs.gov.tw.

  • Publish Date:2019-07-30
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