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Founder Aluminum Co., Ltd joined the AEO Program

In order to secure the supply chains and respond to WCO SAFE policies, Customs all over the world have been committed to promoting the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification system. Taiwan Customs has launched the AEO program in 2009. Enterprises which are granted with the AEO status may enjoy substantial benefits in customs clearances.


Founder Aluminum Co., Ltd. located in central Taiwan, joined the AEO program this year. It is engaged in production of aluminum alloy furniture, kitchen storage products and bathroom accessories. Its products are marketed throughout the world, with a total of export value in aluminum furniture ranking top in Asia. Founder Company is also a very important supplier of IKEA. It is believed that the participation of Founder Company in AEO program will attract comply with more relevant supplier chain partners to apply for AEO certification.


In order to be accredited with AEO certification by Taiwan customs, companies must comply with 225 Customs validation criteria in various aspects, including staff, buildings, business partners, goods, information security, risk control, education and training projects. Thus, the corporate management can comprehensively review the operating procedures and improve measures on risk prevention through the implementation of AEO system. Meanwhile, corporate image and competitiveness are also enhanced and promoted. 


Taiwan has signed the AEO mutual recognition agreements with the United States, Singapore, Israel and South Korea. Besides, AEO Reciprocal Recognition Agreement with Australia and Japan respectively also been signed lately. Exporter granted with AEO status from either parties of such agreement may enjoy preferential treatments upon the clearance of goods. Through the mutual recognition of AEO status, an AEO-certified business from either country is able to enjoy preferential customs clearance procedures and treatments provid by both parties which significantly enhanced the competitiveness of exporters specifically. In order to enhance trade facilitation and security, Taiwan Customs encourages corporations to adopt AEO system as compliant business partners to secure of the supply chains together.

  • Publish Date:2018-12-06
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