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The Ministry of Finance to hold the Taxation Festival 2019.

  • Data Source:Customs Administration Secretariat

    To celebrate the annual Taxation Festival, a Commendation Ceremony is scheduled to be held by Ministry of Finance at Customs Administration (No.13 Tacheng Street, Taipei City) on July 1, 2019. Minister Su Jain-Rong will preside over the Ceremony, and present award certificates to excellent public and private sector workers of the tax community. Most notably, Premier Su Tseng-Chang will also come to give a speech and take photos with all award recipients.
    The Ministry of Finance expressed that, in order to boost the morale of tax and customs officers, the Ministry holds the Taxation Festival on July 1 each year to appreciate their contribution to the country. This year’s Festival is to celebrate its 31st anniversary, as the one held in 1989 marked the first event. The purpose of the Commendation Ceremony is not only to praise tax and customs officers with outstanding performance, and senior officers with long service record, but also to show recognition and appreciation for those public bookkeepers and bookkeeping and tax return filing agents, tax agents, and custom clearance agents who have made great contributions to the promotion of various tax policies. “With the brilliant achievements in both tax and customs fields this year, the commendation to those awarded for their dedication is even more meaningful.” said the Ministry of Finance.
    The Ministry of Finance further stated that the Ceremony will honor 194 people, including 100 outstanding tax and customs officers, 35 senior tax and customs officers, 35 public bookkeepers and bookkeeping and tax return filing agents, 12 excellent tax agents and 12 custom clearance agents.
    The Ministry of Finance expects, through this event, to raise the profile of the tax community and increase awareness among the general public about the importance of taxation affairs.

  • Publish Date:2019-06-25
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