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Taichung Customs Calls for Importers’ Cooperation in Declaring Goods for Taichung Flora Expo

Taichung World Flora Exposition has opened since November 3, 2018. In order to facilitate customs clearance of the goods related to the exposition, Taichung Customs reminds the importers to comply with related customs regulations. The importers have to complete and submit formal customs declarations, stating correct information of the goods. Imported plants and plant products must comply with the quarantine requirements in order to be released by the customs. Besides, for plants listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the importers have to provide original copies of the permissive documents and certificates during importation.  


Taichung Customs also reminds importers that exhibition goods may be eligible for tax exemption provided that, for non-consumable goods for the exhibition are eligible for exemption from customs duty provided that they are to be re-exported abroad within 6 months following the import date or within the time limit approved by the Ministry of Finance according to Article 52 of the Customs Act;and for consumable goods for the exhibition , according to Article 43 of the Enforcement Rules of the Customs Act, shall be exempt from customs duty if the following conditions apply: (1) the exhibition is held by the government; (2) the application for duty exemption is approved by the Ministry of Finance; (3) the competent government authority ensures that such consumable goods for the exhibition have been consumed and are of no commercial value. In case of that at the time of import, the name, brand, specification and quantity of such goods have been specified on the import declaration.

  • Publish Date:2018-11-29
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