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Better Facilities, Better Services: Taichung Customs Upgrades Facilities of Non-intrusive Inspection Center

In order to provide better services to container dray drivers, Taichung Customs keeps improving facilities of its Non-intrusive Inspection Center. These new facilities are focus on providing transparent and real-time information of the inspection operation while securing safety and facilitating the inspection process.  


Transparency: during the inspection process, divers have to stay in drays while waiting for container inspection, Taichung Customs has established an LED message board to display realtime status of the inspection operations, such as “Scanning, please wait for a while” or “Container opened for examination, please wait in patience”.The board is also used to display messages to promulgate the new policies and laws and regalations of Customs.      


Safety is always a top priority: to secure the safety of drivers at the inspection station, CCTV cameras are in place to provide real-time images of container drays. Besides, with the intercom systems, drivers staying in drays can communicate with customs officers instead of getting off the vehicles and walking into the office for further information or instruction. 


Healthy and safety of the public: portable radiation detectors are used by Customs officers to scan containers for abnormal radiation. In order to expand the scanning targets in more efficient and facilitated way, Taichung Customs deploys radiation detectors along the path of container drays waiting for inspection. The stationary detector not only improves the stability of readings, but also shortens the waiting time to 30 seconds per container. More importantly, all containers waiting for non-intrusive inspection can also be scanned for abnormal radiation.      


Since some containers are required for non-intrusive inspection while the others are not, Taichung customs set a bypass for those are not required for non-intrusive inspection, with clear indication of directions that drivers can easily follow them at a glance. In this way, the traffic flows are facilitated, and the risk of collision of vehicles is reduced.


Taichung Customs further states that they will always apply the cutting-edge facilities and provide best services continuously.

  • Publish Date:2018-07-30
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