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Customs Statistics Reflect the Growth of Passengers and Freight in 2018


According to Customs Administration, the number of import declarations significantly raised to 51 million strong in 2018. Moreover, accounting for 90% of the above figure, simplified declarations for low-value air express consignments associated with the booming cross-border ecommerce reached a record high of 46.5 million. On the other hand, export declarations only increased by 0.1 percentage point compared with 2017. What was more noteworthy was that declarations (including simplified ones) for maritime express consignments, mainly processed by Taipei Port Branch of Keelung Customs, hiked up to 0.22 million, 9 times higher than that in 2017.


Customs Administion further said that in 2018 the total number of import and export loaded containers reached 4.2 million (+3.9%), due to a thriving global economy in the first half of the year and early shipments for avoiding high tariffs brought about by US-China trade conflict. 60 percent of the said containers went through Kaoshiung Customs.


With an increase of more than 4% in each category, both inbound and outbound passengers rose to 27 million in 2018. The majority increment of travellers came from Japan and ASEAN countries.


There was a slight increase in the average release time for goods covered by import declarations (excluded simplified ones), while that of export declarations was comparable with 2017.


  • Publish Date:2019-02-27
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