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Taiwan Customs actively advances the implementation of the real-name authentication mechanism, and meanwhile intensifies checks against POAs(Powers of Attorney) relating to express shipments.

  • Data Source:關務署通關業務組

1. Background

1.1 According to current rules, any Customs broker entrusted to handle imported goods is required to have a valid POA from the importer and submit it to Customs upon declaration. But Customs brokers handling express consignments may apply to Customs for exemption of presenting POAs on a case-by-case basis, while keeping all acquired POAs on file for 6 months for Customs check upon request.

1.2 The exemption mentioned above is provided for the purpose of accelerating Customs clearance of express consignments. However, wrong-doers has taken advantage this privilege by preparing fake or falsified POAs under fabricated or stolen identities of private persons, so as to cover up trials of bringing in controlled or prohibited items. And these illegal items have been frequently discovered concealed in imported express consignments. Therefore, Customs is to intensify checks against POAs relating to express shipments.

1.3 On the other hand, Customs Administration also encourage anyone who intends to import commodities associated with shopping online overseas to register with the real-name authentication system, which will considerably simply and expedite the authorization process for entrusting a specified Customs broker to declare the said imports on his or her behalf.

2. Scope of check

2.1 Starting from May 28, 2019, Customs will conduct comprehensive checks on POAs of   imported express shipments where:

2.1.1 the consignee is an individual,

2.1.2 the consignee  is not a real-name authentication registered person, and

2.1.3. the imported express shipment is selected by Customs  for physical examination.

2.2 The Scope of the POA checks is expected to be extended to all express shipments imported by private persons in late September 2019, whether or not they are subject to physical examinations.

3.Points to note

3.1 Where an imported express shipments is requested by Customs for POA checks, the courier/ customs broker concerned should notify the individual importer to perform the POA authorization through either of the following ways:

3.1.1 asking the individual to download and install the "EZ WAY" APP and complete the APP   registration process by mobile phone to do the authorization online。

3.1.2 asking the individual to hand over a paper POA and ID card copy to him or her.

3.2 If it is confirmed that the POA authorization cannot be acquired, the courier/customs broker concerned should apply to Customs for replacing the importer’s name shown on the declaration by his or hers within 7 working days from the date on which the shipment is warehoused or the declaration thereof is submitted, and by so doing the shipment may be allowed to be returned.

3.3 If the courier/customs broker concerned fails to act as the importer and return the shipment in his or her name, Customs will, according to current regulations, issue a warning and require the courier/customs broker to correct identified noncompliance within a specified time limit, or impose a fine ranging from NT$6,000 to 30,000 per shipment for declaring to Customs without obtaining the importer’s POA.

4. Suggestion

To facilitate the clearance of express imports ,Customs administration strongly suggest Taiwan-based couriers inform their parent companies or overseas business partners of this  Customs notice, and urge their individual clients to download and install the "EZ WAY" APP and complete the APP registration process as soon as possible.

  • Publish Date:2019-05-28
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