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TitlePublish Date
Enforcement Rules of the Customs Post Clearance Audit Procedure2012-12-12
Implementation Regulations for Customs to Detain Articles Infringing the Rights in the Trademark2012-08-02
The Smuggling Penalty Act2012-06-13
The Regulations of Tariff Quota 2011-09-27
Statute for the Establishment and Administration of Export Processing Zone2010-06-02
Enforcement Rules of Statute for the Establishment and Administration of Export Processing Zone2009-07-30
Enforcement Regulation for the Act of Establishment and Administration of Agricultural Technology Parks2009-04-13
Operational Directions for Customs Authorities in Implementing Measures for Protecting the Rights and Interests of Patent, Trademark and Copyright2008-10-20
Regulations for the Declaration of Carrying Foreign Currencies or Securities by Cross-Border Passengers or Service Crew on Board of Transport and for the Interagency Report by the Customs2008-05-08
Directions Governing Customs Procedures for Carnet for Temporary Admission of Goods2005-12-06
Directions Governing Customs Procedures in Offshore Transshipment Center2005-02-05
Implementation Regulations for Suspension of Release of Goods Infringing on Copyright or Plate Rights by Customs Authorities2005-01-27
The Regulations Governing the Temporary Admission of Goods2004-05-17
Temporary Act on the Allocation of Fines2004-04-21
Operational Directions for the Enforcement Task Force against the Export of Pirated Optical Disks2003-03-05
Authorized Economic Operator Security Vetting Items and Validation Criteria​2019-06-11
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