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ImportHow do I make a customs declaration for products which belongs to the list of ECFA Early Harvest?2019-06-14
ImportIf a mistake in the currency declared on a C1 entry was found by the customs broker after the release of the goods, is it allowed to apply an amendment without being penalized?2019-06-14
ImportWhat certificates are required for the import of mobile phones? Where can one acquire such a certificate?2019-06-14
ImportWhat are Customs regulations on withdrawing samples?2019-06-14
Offsetting or Refund of Duties and TaxesI have a shipment of machines which have been released upon payment of import duties. Now, the Certificate that this product is not manufactured locally issued by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, has been acquired, how should I apply for the tax refund? In addition to the import duty, may I also apply for the business tax refund? 2019-06-14
Transshipment and Transited GoodsThe transshipment cargo shall be returned within deadline.2019-06-14
Express CargoIs a Power of Attorney necessary for express consignment clearance?2019-06-14
Express CargoWhat is “Simplified Declaration”? Is there any restriction for it?2019-06-14
Express CargoIs there any restriction for importing/exporting express consignments?2019-06-14
Express CargoWhat are the categorizations of express consignments?2019-06-14
ImportIs there any limit on the amount of New Taiwan Dollars, Chinese currency (Renminbi), other foreign currencies and negotiable securities brought into or taken out of Taiwan by passengers?2019-05-27
Postal ParcelsShall I need to declare to the Customs if I want to deliver a product to foreign client through the Post Office?2019-05-27
ImportWhat are the relative regulations for inbound passengers to carry tobacco or liquor into Taiwan?2019-05-27
ImportWhat articles a passenger may bring in duty free?2019-05-27
ExportHow can I do if I want to carry goods abroad?2019-05-27
Export、ImportHow can I do if I want to import or export the human remains or ashes?2019-05-27
ExportHow to apply for re-issuance of a copy of an approved export declaration whose paper form is lost?2019-05-27
Export、ImportI ordered some products for personal use at foreign website and delivered them via post office. However, in addition to tariff, why do I still have to pay the business tax?2019-05-27
ExportWhat is the prescribed time limit for the amendment of export declarations after the release of goods?2019-05-27
ImportWhy an inspection-exempted declaration form will be changed into inspection-needed, once it has been selected to be the inspection-waiver? If it happens, does the cargo owner by the computer system have to pay the inspection fee?2019-05-27
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