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ImportWhat is the Tariff Code of a small external speaker for computers? Do I need to pay commodity tax and submit the Certificate of Commodity Inspection?2019-06-14
ImportAre the textiles from China for making shirt importable?2019-06-14
ImportHow to declare the value about the royalties of import goods?2019-06-14
ImportIs quarantine inspection required for animals or plants according to B01 of the import/export regulations?2019-06-14
ImportHow does the customs levy business tax?2019-06-14
ImportWhat is the clearance procedure for the declaration with Carnet?2019-06-14
ImportWhat is Release Before Duty? How to apply for Release Before Duty and customs clearance on such condition?2019-06-14
ImportWhat is the procedure to resolve disputes over duty?2019-06-14
ImportHow do I make a customs declaration for products which belongs to the list of ECFA Early Harvest?2019-06-14
ImportIf a mistake in the currency declared on a C1 entry was found by the customs broker after the release of the goods, is it allowed to apply an amendment without being penalized?2019-06-14
ImportWhat certificates are required for the import of mobile phones? Where can one acquire such a certificate?2019-06-14
ImportWhat are Customs regulations on withdrawing samples?2019-06-14
ImportIs there any limit on the amount of New Taiwan Dollars, Chinese currency (Renminbi), other foreign currencies and negotiable securities brought into or taken out of Taiwan by passengers?2019-05-27
ImportWhat are the relative regulations for inbound passengers to carry tobacco or liquor into Taiwan?2019-05-27
ImportWhat articles a passenger may bring in duty free?2019-05-27
Export、ImportHow can I do if I want to import or export the human remains or ashes?2019-05-27
Export、ImportI ordered some products for personal use at foreign website and delivered them via post office. However, in addition to tariff, why do I still have to pay the business tax?2019-05-27
ImportWhy an inspection-exempted declaration form will be changed into inspection-needed, once it has been selected to be the inspection-waiver? If it happens, does the cargo owner by the computer system have to pay the inspection fee?2019-05-27
ImportWhat are the procedures to re-open the containers sealed by the Customs for re-loading?2019-05-27
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