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Online Shoppers Urged to Be Cautious of the Risk of Importing Counterfeit Goods to Prevent Criminal Responsibility2019-05-31
Correct declaration expedites toy gun exportation2019-05-28
Customs Administration calls on cross-border online shoppers to complete real-name registration (to facilitate the clearance of their express imports).2019-05-22
Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Highest Number of Smuggled Red Wine Ever2019-05-03
Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Undeclared Containerized Dried Mushrooms before Dragon Boat Festival2019-05-02
Taichung Customs is to hold “Offshore Wind Power Customs Clearance Seminar”2019-05-02
Pork importers urged to declare honestly, meet quarantine requirements2019-04-29
Declare Import Duty Honesty is the Best Policy2019-03-28
Three X-ray Machines Added by Kaohsiung Customs to Help Prevent Invasion of ASF2019-03-18
Customs Statistics Reflect the Growth of Passengers and Freight in 20182019-02-27
First anniversary of the Taxpayer Rights Protection Act — Keelung Customs keeps providing professional assistance for duty-payers2019-02-26
Taichung Customs Provides Customs Clearance Services during 228 Peace Memorial Holidays 2019-02-23
Cooperative Inspection Conducted at Kaohsiung Harbor before Chinese New Year2019-01-25
Taichung Customs Reminds that any Import of Pork Relative Produce from China is Forbidden2019-01-24
Taichung Customs Strengthens Protection Against African Swine Fever Contagion2019-01-18
Batch Numbers Shall be Correctly Declared for Imported Medicinal Products2019-01-18
Taipei Customs continuously seizes pork products at Taoyuan International Airport during New Year’s holiday2019-01-10
Taiwan and India Sign an Arrangement for Mutual Recognition of AEO to Facilitate Bilateral Trade2018-12-18
Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Undeclared Containerized Dried Mushrooms2018-12-17
Founder Aluminum Co., Ltd joined the AEO Program2018-12-06
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