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TitlePublish Date
Taichung Customs to auction off electric assisted bicycles2020-08-05
Taipei Customs Urges Traders to Follow the Regulations of Mark of Origin on Import and Export Goods 2020-07-28
KLC Shows Ways for Release of Provisional Attachment2020-07-27
Optimized NII for Facilitating Customs Clearance2020-07-08
Customs Relaxes Restrictions on Handling Returns in Same Depot2020-06-30
Customs optimizes Statistics Database Query2020-06-30
The Ministry of Finance provides bailout and revitalization measures by amending the regulations on the storage period of bonded goods in duty-free shops, and increasing the duty-free sales amount of Offshore Island duty-free shops.2020-06-24
Taipei Customs Offers 24/7 Clearance Service during Dragon Boat Festival2020-06-11
Make Good Use of New Procedures for Offshore Wind Power Customs Facilitation2020-05-29
Implement anti-dumping measures to maintain the fair trade environment for domestic industries2020-05-29
Taipei Customs Assists the Public with Personal Declaration on Importing Special Cargo during COVID-19 Pandemic2020-05-29
Importers Reminded to Obtain Authorization Prior to Importing Copyrighted Goods2020-05-27
Temporary reduction of tariffs on two products including ingredients of pharmaceutical alcohol and masks implemented for a three-month period from February 27 to May 26, 2020 was approved by the Executive Yuan.2020-04-30
Taichung Customs Reminds Science Park Enterprises to Abide by Relevant Storage and Destruction Regulations for Discarding Bonded Goods2020-04-24
Taipei Customs Seizes an Outbound Passenger Carrying Undeclared Gold2020-04-15
Customs Announces Changes to Express Consignment Declaration System 2020-04-10
Certificate of Origin/ Quarantine/ Sanitary of Some Agricultural and Fishery Goods Will Be Acceptable in Customs Clearance from July 1, 20202020-04-10
To facilitate businesses applying for one-time transfer pricing in fiscal year, Customs Administration announces competent units and amends application form2020-03-31
Taipei Customs Reminds Public of the Ban on Face Masks via Export Postal Parcels2020-03-06
Taichung Customs Reminds that International Vessels Calling at Mailiao Harbor Shall Follow the Regulations When Uploading the Duty-free Tobacco and Alcohol on Board2020-02-27
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